Texture Photography – Something I can never have

Something I can never have

While working on the textured Nude Series I’m currently doing, I started to get inspiration from the music I was listening to while editing. This is the first one from “Something I can never have” by Nine Inch Nails. The original song is from the Pretty Hate Machine album, but I was listening to the Natural Born Killers Soundtrack at the time, which also features this song.

Texture Photography – Untitled #2

Here’s another photograph on the latest series using textures. This one is made up of 3 textures blended together in multiple layers.

After I posted the previous one, a few people contacted me asking about the technique I used. I plan to write something up about how I’m doing these photographs once I get some free time (which has been pretty much non-existent lately), but one thing that surprised many is that instead of using Photoshop for these I’ve used Pixelmator.

I bought Pixelmator a few months ago but hadn’t had time to play with it. However, I recently did a fresh install of my Macs and decided to not install Photoshop for a while to force me to use Pixelmator. I like it a lot, although it does lack several features I miss from PS. I may write a review at some point.