People of the Globe: Jessica – Part Australian, Part Thai

Jessica for People of the Globe

Keeping with the recent theme of posting old photographs, this one is from 2008. I photographed Jessica in Hyde Park, Sydney in a relatively informal and very quick session.

Jessica was born in Australia from an Aussie father and Thai mother. A combination that worked perfectly. She’s beautiful.

Kaylee in 2008

Kaylee from Australia for People of the Globe
Another old one. I’ve been going through my library and finding a bunch of photographs that I don’t think I’ve posted before. It’s fun looking back at old photos.

This is Kaylee, she’s Australian of aboriginal descent and has very unique features. I shot her for the People of the Globe project back in 2008.

There’s something about Kaylee that I found intriguing. I’m not sure exactly what it was. She’s obviously beautiful and distinctly photogenic, but there’s something else that I can’t quite make out. I haven’t seen her since but I sure hope I get to shoot with her again.

Winter beach life

Project365 No. 252 - Winter beach life

This photo is from the winter of 2010 and part of the Project 365 for that year.

As usual, it was taken with the iPhone and processed with iPhone apps only. That year I did all 365 photographs in black & white. I can’t remember which app (or apps) I used for this one, but I assume it was Autostitch Panorama (affiliate link) and I took the individual shots with people moving thorough, which caused the transparent ghost effect.

Rainbow over Botany Bay

Project365 from 2010 024  Rainbow over Botany Bay

I was driving back from work, in the rain, one afternoon sometime in 2010. It was a pretty ordinary day. Grey sky, rain. I remember I was tired and just wanted to get home. I’d been doing a project 365, a shoot-a-photo-a-day self-imposed assignment, and I hadn’t shot the photograph for that day.

It was somewhat depressing.

Then, unexpectedly the clouds opened up and let a series of rays of light through. Suddenly, the scenery wasn’t so somber. After a few moments, I turned right and saw a double rainbow over the ocean and the light was just perfect.

I stopped and jumped out of the car to take a photo, but the only camera I had with me that day was my iPhone 3GS. I pulled it out trying to cover it from the rain with my hand, took the photo, and ran back to the car. It took probably 90 seconds for me to get out of the car, cross the street running, take the shot, and run back.

I’m happy with the result. It was 90 seconds well spent.

Texture Photography – Something I can never have

Something I can never have

While working on the textured Nude Series I’m currently doing, I started to get inspiration from the music I was listening to while editing. This is the first one from “Something I can never have” by Nine Inch Nails. The original song is from the Pretty Hate Machine album, but I was listening to the Natural Born Killers Soundtrack at the time, which also features this song.