Gallery Show “Sculpture” by Joseph Linaschke

Joseph Linaschke’s recent series of nudes titled “Sculpture” is beautiful. The images look almost like marble sculptures and have a very poetic feeling about them. I’d love to see the prints in person. They must look amazing at the huge size he’s printed them. Some are over a metre and a half on the long side!

In this article, Joseph explains the post-processing process he followed to acheive the results. Fascinating.

Texture Photography – Something I can never have

Something I can never have

While working on the textured Nude Series I’m currently doing, I started to get inspiration from the music I was listening to while editing. This is the first one from “Something I can never have” by Nine Inch Nails. The original song is from the Pretty Hate Machine album, but I was listening to the Natural Born Killers Soundtrack at the time, which also features this song.

Photographer: Spencer Tunick

If you’ve never heard of Spencer Tunick, you need to check him out. I love his work. His official bio is:

Artist Spencer Tunick has been documenting the live nude figure in public, with photography and video, since 1992. Since 1994 he has organized over 75 temporary site-specific installations in the United States and abroad. Tunick’s installations encompass dozens, hundreds or thousands of volunteers; and his photographs are records of these events. The individuals en masse, without their clothing, grouped together metamorphose into a new shape. The bodies extend into and upon the landscape like a substance. These grouped masses which do not underscore sexuality become abstractions that challenge or reconfigure one’s views of nudity and privacy. The work also refers to the complex issue of presenting art in permanent or temporary public spaces.

Good places to see his work are:

Texture Photography – Untitled #2

Here’s another photograph on the latest series using textures. This one is made up of 3 textures blended together in multiple layers.

After I posted the previous one, a few people contacted me asking about the technique I used. I plan to write something up about how I’m doing these photographs once I get some free time (which has been pretty much non-existent lately), but one thing that surprised many is that instead of using Photoshop for these I’ve used Pixelmator.

I bought Pixelmator a few months ago but hadn’t had time to play with it. However, I recently did a fresh install of my Macs and decided to not install Photoshop for a while to force me to use Pixelmator. I like it a lot, although it does lack several features I miss from PS. I may write a review at some point.