On supporting photographers you admire

CJ Chilvers over at A Lesser Photographer:

I’m a member at several websites and I buy self-published books from others, because I believe in what they do and I want to support them.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a great tradition of doing this at popular photography sites, because most readers are used to the intrusive ads and over-the-top affiliate sales techniques.

You’re not going fast enough

On the same train of thought from my previous comment about the difficulty of following through on creative ideas and actually producing something, I remembered an awesome quote by Mario Andretti, one of the legendary racing drivers, who said:

If everything seems under control, then you’re not going fast enough

Although he said it in the context of car racing, it’s a great quote that applies to all aspects of life, including creativity.

Life is busy and there never seems to be enough time to get it all done. I sometimes wish I could stop time just long enough for me to catch up, but then I think of that quote and it changes my perspective. The last time everything seemed to be fully under control I got so bored I ended up making fairly drastic changes without much planning.

A little bit or chaos is a good thing.